duminică, 3 iulie 2016

How to use software to sell more

We are a small company that is doing IT consulting, is analyzing our clients businesses and then tries to find solutions of improving the margins, improving the work efficiency, improving all the necessary things that would make a company be more productive and create more value for the shareholders.

Also, a healty cash flow can be the key to success, and an external consultancy company is needed here in orted to present the info and te related procedures to the owners board withour issues, so basically this is also part of our job.

Now... one of our most interesting clients that we had in the last year - and I mean here 2015 - which in fact was a pretty good year for about everyone in our industry was a very old real estate company, a company that was doing real estate transactions for the company that was building condos and villas, and also a very big fish in this market.

What was really incredible consisted in the fact that this company did not had even an CRM, they were using the email addresses at a minimum, they were completely unaccustomed with technology and to be completely honest they were pretty awful at doing almost anything - besides selling.

So... after 3 months we were able to increase the profitability of this company by 300%, we implemented online marketing tools like Tour Wizard and now they are very happy with their extraordinary performance and also with their IT

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